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    Chili con carne by athletes for athletes

    Many athletes pay attention to a high protein content when putting their diet together. This is the only way to permanently supply your muscles with urgently needed proteins. We have taken this fact into account when developing our ready meals. Our beloved chili con carne, for example, has an above-average protein content. The protein in this dish comes from high quality organic beef. In addition to classic ground beef, we also used delicious beef bone broth. In this way, we not only cover your protein needs, but also give you a delicious taste experience. With our chili con carne you are guaranteed to be ready for the next workout and give your muscles exactly what they need.

    A slightly different chili con carne recipe

    A traditional chili con carne recipe is not designed for exercise. The traditional Mexican dish is therefore not necessarily associated with a sporty lifestyle. We want to change that with our sophisticated chili con carne recipe. That is why our Chipotle Chili consists on the one hand of important protein sources such as organic beef and black beans. In addition, our interpretation of the Mexican classic includes numerous vegetables and spices in organic quality. It was also important to us that our chilli consist almost exclusively of healthy fats. The result is a chili con carne recipe that fits perfectly into everyday sport. An outstanding nutrient balance confirms this ambitious statement.

    Our Chipotle Chili is made for you

    As with all of our fitness dishes, it was important to us that your taste experience was not neglected with the Chipotle Chili. Many manufacturers of healthy ready-made meals pay attention to good nutritional values, but unfortunately neglect the taste. It is very important to us that our organic dishes are not only healthy, but also tasty. That is why we use a variety of aromatic vegetables and spices for our Chipotle Chili. After all, we don't want you to lose your appetite for our products after just a few meals. Just because you are eating healthy, you shouldn't sacrifice good taste. We strongly believe in this statement and try to prove it through our ready meals.

    That is why our chilli is healthy

    For athletes and active people, it is not only a high protein content in their meals that is beneficial. The regular intake of vitamins and other nutrients is at least as important. A combination of numerous vegetables onions, carrots or corn and reliable sources of protein such as organic beef and black beans make our chilli healthy. This dish is also peppered with unconventional ingredients such as sweet potatoes or bay leaves to give you a special taste experience. In our opinion, healthy food can only work if it is combined with good taste. Otherwise, eating quickly feels like a tiresome chore.

    Your perfect Chili Con Carne side dish

    As with all of our healthy ready-to-eat meals, it was important to us that you have enough choice of side dishes with our Chili Con Carne. Therefore, in addition to our delicious Chili Con Carne with organic beef, you will also find a selection of side dishes that you can easily order. Depending on what you like best as a side dish to Chili Con Carne, you can choose between organic basmati rice or organic quinoa. You choose your Chili Con Carne side dish. When choosing our ingredients, we always make sure that they are 100% organic; we believe that treating nature with respect is a prerequisite for a healthy future.

    Chili Con Carne shelf life

    How long does Chili Con Carne keep? Our Chili Con Carne shelf life is 12 months without refrigeration. It stays fresh at least as long as it stands on the glass. Since we pay great attention to hygiene and natural ingredients in the production of our fitness ready meals, you can assume that there is nothing in the food that could have a bad effect on the Chili Con Carne shelf life - at the same time, however, we do not use any artificial preservatives . How long does Chili Con Carne keep after opening? After you have opened the jar you shouldn't let the food stand for too long but use it up within the next 2-3 days and store it in a cool place.