How old is your car

Vehicle age: find out the production date

Fresh from the factory in the home garage - or as a slow-moving that has been standing at the dealer for ages? If you want to know when your car was actually built, you have to look for clues. Because the production date of a car cannot be identified from the initial registration. However, many components have a manufacturing date, and most of the time the car was manufactured only days or a few weeks after this point in time. When is my new car old? Our VW Golf V has many add-on parts with the production date November 2006. That means it was produced around the turn of the year 2006/07. That fits with the first registration in April 2007.

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Legally, a car is considered brand new if it has not been damaged by a long downtime and the version of the model is still up-to-date. In addition, there must be no more than twelve months between production and the purchase contract. How to find out the real age of certain components, read in the picture gallery above.

Bernd Volkens


Here you should take a closer look: A three-digit tire DOT number indicates that the tire is eleven years old and older. If the production date of components differs significantly, it can be a car that has been involved in an accident. And: a new speedometer can point out mileage tricksters.