What is the climate of Nauru

Climate and weather on Nauru

Location of Nauru in the South Pacific

Climate on Nauru

Naurus location only around 60 km south of the equator and its small size give the country a uniform, Constantly humid and hot tropical climate. The average temperature is 27-28 ° C all year round, with the thermometer fluctuating between 24 and 34 ° C.

They are also very high Water temperatures. At 28 to 29 ° C, they are ideal for a bathing and diving holiday all year round.

In addition to the high temperatures, Nauru is also characterized by one high humidity from an average of 70-75%. Since the island is very small and the distance to the sea is minimal in every place, there is milder everywhere cooling Pacific breeze Temperature and humidity.

In contrast to the barely varying temperatures, the differences in precipitation can be very large. The fluctuation range from year to year is between 300 and 4,500 mm. On average there are high 1,600 to 2,000 mm.

On large amounts of rain must be the visitor every month to adjust. The wettest months are November to February. Then the humid northwest trade wind constantly drives rain clouds over the island. 12 to 15 days of precipitation and up to 300 millimeters per month are common this season.

The drier time of the year starts in March and lasts until October. After a change in the prevailing wind direction, Nauru is then in the area of ​​influence of the dry and hot southeast trade winds, which can occasionally lead to longer periods of dryness. Even then, around 100 mm per month is more the rule than the exception.

Of tropical cyclones remains the island usually spared, since they usually pass the small South Sea state far north or south.

For this, the holidaymaker on Nauru is allowed to spend 6 to 8 hours on average all year round sunshine count per day.

Weather nauru

Weather in Yaren, the capital of Nauru

Weather in Nauru, Source: yr.no from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Best travel time for Nauru

Due to the constant warm water and air temperatures, a trip to Nauru is worthwhile all year round. However, it is always quite humid, as larger rainfalls can be expected almost every day.

However, the months are recommended between March and October. Then it falls altogether less rainfall than in winter and the warm, dry trade winds make staying under palm trees very pleasant.

Climate table Nauru