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The worst games of 2018: don't do this to yourself

"Super Seducer 1 & 2"

Admittedly Super Seducer 1 & 2 To even include them in a list of games, even if they are the worst of the year, is almost too much of an honor for this predatory exploitation of male-juvenile insecurity. Nevertheless: What "pickup artist" Richard La Ruina, producer and leading actor, commercially successful and reasonably interactive has put together here is, at least on paper, something like a video game in the tradition of "interactive films". The subject: Richard La Ruina, and his irresistibility for the opposite sex. Yes, the milk-bearded, grinning tomcat with the sex appeal of an epilator says that the world of women is at his feet - whoever wants to be so alpha has with them Great seducer Thanks to foolproof psycho tricks for courting the beautiful, but logo-delivered sex to its primitive brood-care instincts, half the ticket has already been solved.

After all, there is something like equality: In addition to the well-known misogynist mechanistic image of women in the PUA scene Great seducer Not a high opinion of his male audience either. Anyone who seriously expects "results" in terms of pairing initiation from this game is to be regretted; if you are only looking for entertainment, the current reboot of Leisure suit Larry served miles better. Part two of Great seducer increases the absurdity even higher with ten times the budget of the first part, lets La Ruina pull up in a tank and visibly relies on the "So bad it's good again" defense; without success. A game whose lousy image of women is only surpassed by its contempt for its male target audience. Sony didn't want anything to do with it on the PS4.