There are generally poisonous fruits

Berries and fruits - toxic or non-toxic?

Collecting berries together is a great way to bring children closer to nature and to enjoy time away from the television, the game console or the hustle and bustle of everyday life in general. On a trip to the forest you not only have the chance to discover tasty berries, but with a little luck you will also meet some animals. In order not to scare them off, you should behave calmly and avoid bright colors. The better you blend in with your surroundings, the more likely a few rabbits, squirrels or even a deer will venture into the vicinity. Olive-colored clothing such as a Bundeswehr parka are particularly suitable for this. To protect yourself from the spines of the berries, but also from ticks, you should definitely wear long trousers and a jacket. However, one must not forget that not all berries are suitable for consumption and parents should therefore take good care of their children at all times.

Poisonous berries and fruits are a particular danger, especially for children. A berry is quickly picked and eaten. How are small children supposed to tell the difference that the blueberries can be eaten, but not the honeysuckle berries? At the same time, many parents are unsure whether this or that fruit is poisonous or not.

For this reason we created these berry and fruit databases. Select the fruit you are looking for in the color tables and read whether this fruit is poisonous or non-poisonous.

Make sure that berries and fruits change their color as they ripen.