Is Life Vantage Marketing a pyramid scheme

< p-klasse="" 'articletext'=""> Founded in 2003, LifeVantage Corporation is a publicly traded (ticker LFVN) network marketing company specializing in scientific anti-aging products made using its clinically proven Protandim supplement.


The company's intriguing history has skyrocketed way back in 2005 after it made public clinical trials and television deals from ABC, the Today Show and PBS about their Protandim product in 2005 LifeVantage's warehouse went through the roof. Without sales to back up the advertising, this initial advertisement sent its inventory up to over twenty dollars a share, but it cannot tolerate it. During that time, Protantim was only available through retail channels and it didn't do well on food store shelves.

In the month of May 2009, after more than 6 months of development and preparation, she ventured into Networking for Distribution | After more than 6 months of arranging, planning and preparation, May 2009 enabled her to multi-level marketing for sales. Not surprising to those who realize the power of networking, LifeVantage sales have improved dramatically and in turn their share price has more than tripled from its lowest point of less than $ 0.10 in November 2008. Still a bit early to say, but it looks How networking proves to be a good strategy.

As with any review, start with the simplest point to look for a SCAM ... THE MERCHANDISE!

Protandim Review - since I haven't tested it yet, I can'tcannot speak for the goods. What I do know is that I am more ready to use than any other nutritional product that I have seen lately, based on the extensive clinical research and peer-reviewed research that you have used. Over 20 colleges have done self-funded medical research on the product in relation to its relationship with anti-aging and disease. Some have been completed and can be seen on under Protandim.

Unlike most diet products, Protandim is not an antioxidant through supplementation instead it is a product that activates the body's production of its own natural enzymes that the body uses to break free radicals. Clinical studies seem to confirm that it is much more effective than ingesting external antioxidants for this purpose. The LifeVantage website ( lists access to all studies, reports and press releases video on their product that explains how it works and what it does.

What I like most about this product is the unique marketing point of view it has ...

Unlike most MLM companies that have to fall back on the old "try it out (for 30, 60 or 90 days) and see how you feel" line, LifeVantage distributors Canconfidently say that Protandim helps lower oxidative stress clinically is proven by slowing the rate of aging of the cell to the level of a 20 year old.

That alone isn't enough to build on a business, but it's a great way to get distributors off the ground. More often than not the hardest part in building a nutrition network marketing business is getting people to test the product and LifeVantage seems to have a little advantage in this area.

I was pleasantly surprised at the price of the product. In a world where product autoships are almost always a little over one hundred dollars a month, a one month autoship supply of Protandim for a retail 'preferred customer' is only thirty-nine dollars! This quotation is much smaller than the industry norm, so it is feasible to get real retail customers.

In addition to the core product Protandim, LifeVantage also has a skin care product called TrueScience, which is a skin cream designed with the anti-aging properties of Protandim. What is striking about the entire product line is its simplicity; just two main products, with a basic selling point and a price that is really reasonable.

At the end of the day it is going to take more than research and hype for a product to make it. Protandim need to make a noticeable impact on the well-being of the people in it, be it more energy, improved sleep, less sickness, etc. There aren't too many people who splurge on a product each month will spend on research alone. If you've read this and have actually tried Protandim, please feel free to give us feedback about the product.

LifeVantage MLM Compensation Plan

I'm not going to go to the question of how well paying the MLM compensation plan is. There is a lot of money in any MLM compensation plan as long as it is legal. When you hear someone goes about how their MLM compensation plan is the highest in the business with a high probability of paying something wrong.

Technically, LifeVantage, a Unilevel pay plan maximizes numbers 9 dynamically compressed levels with the potential for a matching bonus on the first 4 stages and a coded bonus for LifeVantage Pack qualifiers that allows bonuses to be earned through limitless depth. If all of this makes sense don't worry about you.

The most important thing about the compensation plan is legal as it is only worth commissions on product sales. LifeVantage has taken another step in promoting the movement of the product that I like and which is far too legal to ensure. As with all companies, distributors should remain qualified to earn commissions, in the case of LifeVantage this means two hundred PV per month in personal volume. The good thing is that the band generated from personal 'preferred customers' diminishes the personal band requirements for dealers. This means that as a distributor, if I consume enough personal customer product, I can reduce my monthly personal volume requirement to the minimum of 30 PV.

Rewarding behavior will be duplicated, so when you see a company reward enrolling loyal retailers 'preferred customers' (consumers buy the product but people who don't get relate in the business opportunity but still buy the product), you probably have a higher customer distributor ratio. This relationship is one of the most important things the Attorney General and FTC look at in determining whether a company is in a pyramid scheme or not.

Company & management of LifeVantage

There are a few note-worthy details about the company beyond the brief story I mentioned earlier. LifeVantage is a member of the Direct Selling Association ( and the BBB ( and-diet-products-retail / lifevantage-corporation-in-littleton-co-90014185). You were involved and settled a lawsuit with Zrii. In this litigation they were accused of violating contracts with the former Zrii administration / distributors and switching to the company. It was settled for $ 400,000, although the lawsuit sought damages of 250 million. This type of lawsuit is not uncommon in the MLM business and in my opinion nothing to be concerned about.

As for the leadership behind the company, David Brown, formerly with Metabolife, is CEO and Dr. Joe McCord, the man who led Protandim, is the Director of Science. It is noteworthy that Dr. McCord became the co-discoverer of antioxidant enzymes and their relationship with free radicals in 1968 at Duke University. I also like the fact that LifeVantage has a veteran legal house attorney with Eric Marchant who has advised multinational $ 100 million multi-level marketing in the past.

Let's take a look at the industry and competition

We all know that nutrition is the backbone of the multilevel marketing business and there is no doubt that the health and wellness industry is increasing and is is on the rise and will continue to increase. On the other hand I currently think you have an excess of companies in the industry and it's easy to get confused and lost in the wreckage except when you have something distinctive ... I think LifeVantage has just that. With a low product price - Point and the kind of research and hype behind Protandim, I think they will do that well in the network marketing industry.


This company sells a legit product at a price that actual consumers can afford and marketed through a compensation plan that sounds to me more reliable than your average MLM. Even if there is a lot of research and you want publicity behind this company still be sure your belief is 100% behind it before actually getting involved. Networking, believing can be sold and no number of investigations can replace that. Give it a year or don't give a month. The company only works if you work it.

, We've just scratched the surface at LifeVantage, follow the link for in-depth analysis.