Who studies social psychology

Study of social psychology

Social psychology is a sub-discipline of psychology and deals with the individual and collective experience and behavior in a group or another social situation.

When it comes to the individual, i.e. the experience and behavior of an individual, social psychology deals, for example, with the processing of social information (am I part of the group or an outsider, am I discriminated against or am I discriminating against others?) what influence the social environment has on the individual and how one's own behavior is in large groups or towards a trusted person. In the case of research and observations, it must always be taken into account that every social situation is viewed purely subjectively, which is due to the character of the individual.

When it comes to the behavior of a group, dynamics and structure are scrutinized. In doing so, it is always explored how the group itself, structure and dynamics arise, for example through common interests or values.

Since there is hardly an area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife that has no social interaction, there are very many areas within psychology in which social psychology is applied.

Since social psychology is a sub-discipline, it usually appears in almost all psychology courses, but is in principle very rarely offered as an independent course. But courses such as "Cultural Relations and Migration", "Social Sciences - Communication Studies", "Psychoanalytical Cultural Studies" or "Social and Health Psychology" come very close to social psychology.

University tip


Social psychology can also be found in the "Business Psychology" course at the IU Extra-occupational course and offers exciting insights into the most diverse areas of human behavior and human emotions.