Why should schools ban shorts?

Hot pants at school

I am a kid of the 80s. For confirmation, I wore a "practical" short haircut and looked like my father was young. In dress. The fashion at that time was long, loose and, above all, wide. My sister's old closet has knee-length sweaters from that time that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson could easily hide in.

We didn't wear these things to cover our bodies, but because it was fashion. Something else was nice even then.

Different times, different clothes

Today the fashion is different. The trousers for girls are currently tight. And, if it's summer, briefly. But not because the young women want to show themselves or send a signal in the direction of the male world. But because the Insta Bibis and YouTube Dagis wear pants like that. Because your best friend wears hot pants. And because you can buy these things for 9.99 euros on every corner.
To be honest, too tight, too short, too open-hearted clothes for girls and young women used to bother me - before my daughter came of age. Now she is eleven and races around even in ultra-tight leggings or hot pants. And it doesn't bother me a bit.Because I know it's just a fashion for her. If it were hip the day after tomorrow to go to school in a high-necked, black neoprene suit, that would be the new look. For my part, I'll just wait and see what the next trend will bring.

All outward appearances

It's absurd: We teach our children that outward appearances say nothing about a person's worth or character.But then forbid our daughters (and only them!) To wear pants that are too short or shirts that are too tight, because ... yes, why actually? Because the male part of the population could interpret this as a sexual signal? Shouldn't we then teach our sons not to (incorrectly) interpret the wearing of certain items of clothing? What do you all mean?