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Everything you always wanted to know about the forum management

1. What is the difference between Admin and Mod?

Here in our forum there is not much difference between administrator and moderator. Administrators only have a few more powers that affect the design and structure of the forum.
Otherwise we work as a mod team and have the same rights and obligations.

2. What role does the forum management see themselves in here in the Berte Bratt Forum?

We admins and mods are not agents or employees. We have no special position compared to other users, our voice counts like any other. We are completely normal users, but with special powers and deal with them with confidence.
Like everyone else, we have our own opinions, and sometimes we make mistakes.
It is very important to us to clarify that we are completely normal users in discussions; our arguments do not automatically weigh more heavily or differently than those of other users. Only if we expressly act as a moderator team, this contribution can also be attributed to the mod team as a whole.

3. How do you recognize a contribution from the forum management?

We have our own account "The moderator team", with which we post most of our contributions. If this is not possible for us, we will mark opinions and statements of the mod team in this color. With all other contributions by an admin or mod, you can assume that this is their personal opinion.

4. What tasks does the forum leader have?

The forum is technically managed with the special tools available to an admin / mod. This includes, for example, opening new sections, moving posts, changing forum designs, etc.

For us, being in the forum management does not mean having power over the users. On the contrary: It means daily work to react sensitively to others and to liven up the forum with new ideas. For us, being an admin or a mod also means helping users and always having an ear in the forum and recognizing where things are slipping away and you have to intervene.

We give the users support (here in the forum this is done in the area "About this forum", "Questions about the forum", "Our forum").
We also monitor the forum (compliance with the forum rules) and make sure that the threads are opened in the correct sections and move them if necessary (this is always done with a note to the creator of the thread).

If a post has been changed or deleted, the user will also receive a PM with the information about what has been changed or deleted and the reason for it.

Often we are asked by other users to intervene, we never do this arbitrarily. We also have our own rules and our own forum where we coordinate. We do not make this task easy for ourselves and decisions are shared by all of us. Since we, as the moderator team, make our decisions together, it can sometimes take a while before we react "officially". We are of course not all online all the time and want to make sure that all mods / admins can give their opinion on a problem. So this can take some time! We try to mediate and not to patronize anyone.

5. What we want from you

As a mod team, we want:

- that decisions we make are respected and well-intentioned advice is also accepted
- that we are not attacked personally, neither do we
- that we are supported by you in the forum, because we also do not see everything and are not always online
- that you accept the forum rules and keep them
- that the users behave respectfully and sometimes tolerate other opinions
- that users read more closely to prevent misunderstandings
- that you read again and think about what you are sending
- that the users feel comfortable and that especially new users are welcomed nicely

At the end of the day:

We do our job with a lot of joy and like to spend time, energy, creativity and thoughts on our forum. When we decide something, we do it to the best of our knowledge and belief.

But of course we admins and mods are also people who have and make mistakes.
We therefore ask you very much to let us know if you have any points of criticism or if you do not agree with one of our decisions.
We look forward to your feedback and ask you to communicate with us directly if you have any problems. This is the only way to ensure that questions can be clarified quickly and any misunderstandings resolved.

We always welcome suggestions, criticism and ideas - just send a PM to "The moderator team".

Your moderation team
Rabea, Ulrike, Christiane and Joana