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Welcome to Singapore

Today, Singapore is more than just a stopover on long-haul flights. The city is eager to rank among the most interesting cities in Asia.

Bright lights, small town
Singapore is small, but extremely ambitious. Investments in the tourism industry have given the international reputation a good boost in recent years. Brand new resorts bring visitors and lots of money to the city. The art and music scene no longer needs to shy away from comparison with other global cities, and the nightly Formula 1 event has now become an integral part of the city's calendar. The skyline reflects the rapid changes of recent years - a breathtaking mix of small British colonial buildings and the most modern skyscrapers.

Shop till you drop
Consumer electronics, fashion, video games, fabrics, spices, Chinese medicine - the list of goods from Singapore is as long as it is varied. Shopping here is a downright religious act; At the center of this cult is Orchard Road, a canyon made of glass, steel and concrete. The Singaporeans are very fond of their shopping malls; they spend a large part of their free time there. The shops are no longer really dirt cheap, but the huge selection and the ambience guarantee an impressive experience.

More than fried rice
Singaporeans are crazy about good food. This passion unites the nation across ethnic lines; Countless restaurants serve delicacies from Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Nonya cuisine (Nonya combines Chinese and Malaysian elements). The hawker centers and food courts are extremely popular, but if you want to go out in Singapore, you don't necessarily have to squeeze into tight tables between the locals. If you are in the mood for upscale gastronomy, you will get your money's worth here in countless haute cuisine restaurants.

The green city
Most visitors come to Singapore for its iconic shops and restaurants and then are amazed by the many exotic parks and gardens. Urban planning is very important, and it is no coincidence that large green belts criss-cross the urban landscape. The character of these green spaces extends from the roof garden on top of the Marina Barrage to the cheerful MacRichie Reservoir with a circular path at the height of the treetops to the natural Sungei Buloh, a resting place for thousands of migratory birds.