Why is the internet lying

The modern relationship or: lies have the internet!

You can be what you want on the Internet. The true identity, the real character and the actual way of thinking have become more synonyms in the digital world in today's Corona times for a pretended acceptance of being different, for the pretended tolerance of thinking differently and for the imaginary perfect treatment of being different and thinking differently, which are presented in such a way that in the end they seem real to one.

So what is faked, then what is reality?

The Obernburger Theaterverein Die Granatsplitter e.V. investigates this question and presents the inadequacies of being I in the relationship comedy "Badman and Barbie".
Whether as a “loser” or as an “intellectual” - who in the real world is ultimately smarter, who is more heartfelt ?!
The story of the premiere on Saturday, December 19, 2020, 7:45 p.m., in the Obernburg town hall gives some information on this.

Fred, a notorious Hartz IV recipient, spends his time looking after his appearance rather than looking for a job. Invoices are ignored, the employment office's invitations are out of the question, and it owes money everywhere. Rather, the constant partying is the order of the day, combined with the continuous search for a new victim. He celebrates himself, and where is the best place to do it, if not on the WorldWideWeb, where nobody knows you ?! As the digital poltergeist "Badman" he flexes his muscles ...
Charlie, actually Dr. Carlotta Dorothea Dick, tries her luck in her prime and, in the desperation of her vacation loneliness, registers on a dating platform. Her pseudonym "Barbie" allows for clues and ideas that will lead to fatal conclusions - especially with Badman ...

How does the story end? Come to the Obernburger Stadthalle on Saturday, December 19, 2020 at 7.45 p.m. and find out whether there is an honest happy ending ... or whether lies actually have internet ?!
But be careful, the following questions could be asked after the performance: When was the last time you wrote the truth on the Internet, when was the last time you lied?

Note: The event will only take place if the CORONA conditions permit it. Catch-up appointments are planned if the failure occurs.
All applicable hygiene rules must be observed, you will be escorted to your seat.

For better planning and for ticket reservations, please send an email to [email protected], including last name, first name, address and number of people living in the same household.

And one more thing: HAVE FUN, you can laugh!