What are the most beautiful chair designs

TOP10 of the most beautiful chairs: The classics

Coffee table, check, lamp, check, mirror, check, armchair, check - we are gradually creating our top lists of the most important pieces of furniture for you. Almost forgotten and essential: the chair!

The thing about chairs is one of those things: if they are uncomfortable, you have much less desire to spend a long time on them. It feels like a good half of family life takes place in the dining room. And it is also clear that the visual is of course not entirely unimportant.

The classics are the chairs from one of the oldest family-run furniture manufacturers in the world (since 1819) Thonet. Especially the model number 214 (then model name: 14) with wickerwork, which has been on the market since 1850, the model 209 M with a circular backrest or the cantilever model S32 also with wickerwork are so simple in their design that they fit wonderfully into every apartment. The Wishbone Classic by Carl Hansen, In Between by Sami Kallio by & Tradition or Grand Prix by Arne Jacobsen are also simple, classic and versatile. Above all, chairs made of ash, beech, oak, pine, i.e. light woods, are one of the classic materials in the interior and therefore go well with many furnishing styles.

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