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ZEISS photography

vivo X60 Pro now also available in Europe

The first smartphone with the imaging system jointly developed by vivo and ZEISS.

When you create something special with cutting-edge technology.

ZEISS Batis lenses

© KyeongJun Yang, Republic of Korea, Winner, ZEISS Photography Award 2020

Writing stories with light and shadow.

ZEISS has been building lenses for photographers who don't compromise when telling their story since 1890. The goal: pushing boundaries and trying out new things. Moving people - every day, again and again. With an image quality that is unique.

Find the best fitting ZEISS lens for your camera system and your application: ZEISS product advisor

ZEISS lenses for mirrorless system cameras

Compact and powerful lenses for high-resolution, mirrorless system cameras.

Compact and light compared to classic SLR systems: The high-quality ZEISS lenses for mirrorless system cameras complement current, high-resolution sensors without compromise - with full performance, reliability and low weight.

ZEISS Batis lenses

Full format | Autofocus | For Sony E connector

Professional full-frame AF lenses for Sony mirrorless system cameras.

ZEISS Loxia lenses

Full format | Manual focus | For Sony E connector

Compact full-frame MF lenses for the mirrorless system cameras from Sony.

ZEISS Touit lenses

APS-C | Autofocus | For Sony E connector | For Fujifilm X connector

High image quality with fast and precise autofocus function.

ZEISS lenses for SLR cameras

Fixed focal lengths with high-precision, manual focus for high-resolution SLR cameras.

High quality workmanship, high light intensity and legendary bokeh. In contrast to conventional autofocus lenses, ZEISS lenses offer high-precision, intuitive manual focus. Of course, all other automatic functions are supported by common cameras.

ZEISS Milvus lenses

Full format | Manual focus | For Canon EF connector | For Nikon F connector

A family of lenses that unleash the power of high resolution system cameras.

ZEISS Otus lenses

Full format | Manual focus | For Canon EF connector | For Nikon F connector

Appearance and quality of medium format on full format cameras.

ZEISS Classic lenses

Full format | Manual focus | For Canon EF connector | For Nikon F connector

Proven optical design with legendary bokeh in a robust metal housing.

ZEISS lenses for rangefinder cameras

Exceptional manufacturing quality for digital and analog rangefinder cameras.

The best photographers are characterized by their individuality. You go your own way instead of following the well-trodden path. And with the ZEISS ZM lenses, we also offer individual companions. ZM lenses from ZEISS have always stood for the optimal amalgamation of creativity and convenience. And of course for the world-famous ZEISS quality.

ZEISS ZM lenses

Full format | Manual focus | For Leica cameras

The world-famous family of lenses with intuitive operation for maximum creativity.

ZEISS lenses for videography

Take your videography to the next level.

The lens families ZEISS Otus, ZEISS Milvus and ZEISS Loxia were developed for both photo and film recordings. They deliver the special, breathtaking look through their excellent image quality and special attention to detail. These lenses are the perfect solution for common 4K video cameras and meet the needs of the independent filmmaker.

ZEISS videography

ZEISS Milvus | ZEISS Otus | ZEISS Loxia

For videographers, these lenses are also available in videography sets with cases and lens gears for the perfect setup.


The camera for the creative flow in photography.

Immerse yourself completely in the creative photography process - with the ZEISS ZX1. Take photos with a newly designed 35 mm f / 2 ZEISS autofocus lens with Distagon optical design. In conjunction with the specially developed 37.4-megapixel full-frame sensor, this delivers outstanding image results. Edit your recordings with the integrated Adobe Photoshop Lightroom directly on the camera and publish them online without detours.


Full format | Mirrorless | 37.4 MP | 35mm f / 2 ZEISS Distagon lens | 4.3 inch multi-touch display

Excellent optics, software and connectivity combined in a completely new workflow: SHOOT. EDIT. SHARE.


For your requirements.

Photography is not just about getting the best results. It's about the special experience. With their reliable functions, camera lenses from ZEISS ensure that the photographer can concentrate fully on the image and composition and express his creativity. To perfect this experience, ZEISS now offers suitable accessories that are tailored to the requirements of demanding photographers.