How much should I tip Doordash

Do you drink DoorDash or Postmates drivers? And how much?

People are ordering takeaway more often, which has helped make delivery apps like DoorDash and Postmates more popular.

Whether you are new to delivery apps or you are a seasoned user, you might be wondering how much you can give the delivery people on these platforms. Read on to learn how tips work in provisioning apps and how much you should leave behind in tips.

Why you should tip deliverers

While regulations vary from state to state, app delivery staff are typically classified as independent contractors rather than employees.

While this means they can set their own hours, it also prevents them from receiving employee benefits and statutory wage protection, including minimum wage or overtime pay. Without employee protection, delivery drivers can take home less than $ 5 an hour when demand is extremely low.

While both DoorDash and Postmates offer their workers basic wage rates, the basic wage is often well below the state minimum wage. As independent contractors, the deliverers pay their own gas and wage tax. Tips are critical to helping delivery workers even out the pay gap and ultimately make ends meet.

How does DoorDash pay its employees?

DoorDash is a popular grocery delivery app active in 4,000 US cities, Canada and Australia. You may be wondering how DoorDash calculates payments for its drivers and delivery people.

After controversy over the previous compensation model, the company announced a completely new payment structure in 2019:

DoorDash calculates a basic wage for each delivery. This rate is calculated using an algorithm that takes into account the delivery time, the distance to the delivery and the desirability of the delivery location. Base prices vary between $ 2 and $ 10. Deliveries that are expected to take longer, are further away, or are in less popular areas have higher base wage rates.

Delivery drivers can also participate in promotions for businesses, such as: For example, on deliveries at peak times or on local challenges that add a few dollars to your base salary.

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100 percent of a customer's tip goes directly to their DoorDash deliverer. When a customer adds a tip at the checkout, delivery agents can view a breakdown of their total salary including tip, base salary, and promotion rate before deciding whether or not to pick up the order. Customers can also tip a deliverer once their items have been delivered.

How much do DoorDash employees make? Indeed, according to Indeed, the average DoorDash delivery driver in the United States makes $ 14.29 / hour. It is unclear whether this price includes a tip.

How do postmates pay their workers?

Operating in nearly 3,000 cities, Postmates is a courier delivery service that offers groceries, groceries, recipes, orders, and anything else you might want picked up and delivered for you. Postmates deliverers work by car, bike, foot or public transport.

Like DoorDash, Postmates uses an additive compensation model to determine how much workers to pay for each delivery. Payment is based on:

  • Pickup Rate: The amount for each completed pickup
  • Submission Rate: The amount for each submission completed
  • Waiting time: The waiting time per minute for the waiting time in a restaurant, cafĂ© or shop
  • Mileage: A mileage price for the distance between pickup and drop-off
  • Tips

Sometimes Postmates will ask their delivery staff to pick up stacked orders. This is multiple orders in the same restaurants or stores. By having one employee picking up multiple orders at the same time, Postmates increases efficiency and reduces waiting time fees that have to be paid to the delivery person. With stacked orders, employees earn less money with each delivery.

Postmates deliverers, however, keep 100 percent of the tips customers give. Postmates even designed the app's user experience to encourage customers to tip.

If an order is submitted without a tip, the customer will receive a notification asking them to leave one. Customers cannot place their next order until they take action on the tip page of the previous order.

How Much Do Postmates Workers Make? According to Ridester, the average Postmates delivery driver in the US makes $ 12 an hour before tipping.

How much should you tip delivery workers?

In the United States, it is common to tip 15 to 20 percent in restaurants, and that goes for deliverers as well. Delivery companies and work groups suggest that you tip your delivery worker at least 20 percent.

In some situations it makes sense to tip your delivery driver even more than 20 percent. Examples include:

  • When you had a very large or complicated order
  • If your delivery person is particularly polite or friendly
  • If your delivery was made in bad weather (rain, snow, wind)
  • If your delivery driver has been exposed to unsafe or complicated conditions (pandemic, local unrest)

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Should you tap the subtotal or final price?

It's common to wonder if you should calculate your tip based on the subtotal (how much your items total) or the final price (your subtotal plus company service and delivery fees).

For personal restaurant visits, it is common practice to tip based on the subtotal. However, there is no straightforward answer for the delivery market, so it is recommended that you quote the total price.

Is the tip different from the delivery fee?

Yes, the tip is different from the delivery fee. If a delivery fee is shown on your order, it will be charged by the company to ensure that delivery services can reach your area.

Delivery agents do not receive any amount from the delivery fee. Do not assume the delivery fee will cover the tip and do not deduct the delivery fee from your tip amount.

Should you tip in-app or in cash?

Both DoorDash and Postmates pass 100 percent of your tip on to the deliverer. So it doesn't matter whether you leave the tip in the app or give it to them in cash. You can choose which approach is more convenient and safer for you.

What if you forget to tip?

If you forgot to leave a tip on your order before you checkout, don't fret. You can leave a tip in both the DoorDash and the Postmates app after your order has been delivered. Postmates won't let you start your next order until you take action on the tip page of the previous order.

Do deliverers see your tip amount?

Yes - DoorDash and Postmates deliverers have their own versions of the company app on their phones and see your tip amount. Typically, when a customer leaves a tip during checkout, deliverers see the tip amount before they take the order and it is immediately listed in their receipts.

When customers tip after delivery, reps will receive a push notification when the tip is added after delivery and their income breakdown will be updated.

Don't forget to tip the next time you order

Delivery workers are an integral part of our community infrastructure and help us all access the food and supplies we crave or need. Keep these tipping practices in mind the next time you use these apps to order dinner, send a gift to a loved one, or buy lunch for a friend far away.