What is the healthiest authentic Italian dish

Why Italian cuisine doesn't make you fat

Do you like to eat risotto, pizza and pasta, but hold back because you pay attention to your figure? The Italian classics have a reputation for not being good for the slim line - but why aren't Italians fatter? We reveal why Italian dishes don't make you as fat as you thought.

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Italians reach into their bag of tricks

Antipasti as a starter, spaghetti with the primo piatto (first main course) and then the secondo piatto (second main course), lots of panino and vino complete the menu - yes, Italians are good, but why aren't they thicker?

  • In contrast to Americans, who are among the most overweight residents, real Italians do not use ready-made meals and XXL fast-food menus, but rather pure, healthy ingredients.
  • The original Italian pizza does not have a cheese-filled rim, but is thin and topped with healthy ingredients and mozzarella.
  • Italians eat their pasta al dente, i.e. firm to the bite. That doesn't drive blood sugar levels up that high.
  • Instead of fatty spaghetti carbonara, there are lots of vegetables such as olives, artichokes, aubergines, tomatoes, as well as high-quality olive oil, fish and seafood. And that is what makes Mediterranean cuisine so popular. There is also a lot of salad.
  • Tiramisu, panna cotta or fatty sauces also end up on the plate, but they are just an exception.
  • And: It's the amount that matters. Pasta is part of it for Italians, but they eat a smaller portion (around 80 grams with Primo piatto) than we do.
  • There is wine with almost every meal, but only one glass, otherwise a lot of water.

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Study confirms: pasta doesn't make you fat

The results of this study make the hearts of pasta lovers beat faster. 14,402 test subjects came from the Molise region on the Adriatic Sea, and a further 8,964 from all over Italy. Eating behavior was analyzed and weight, height, waist and hip measurements were taken. The researchers were able to establish a connection between a high consumption of pasta and a healthy waist size and body mass index (BMI). However, it is also advised that participants only consumed pasta in moderation. Balance is still the silver bullet - and Italians are well aware of that.

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