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Translation of "How's your new job" in German

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So, you know, people were writing me and saying, "How's your new job?"
So, you know, people were writing me and saying, How's your new job? I was like, I don't know.

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Your new Smart-Guard solution makes completely new job profiles necessary.
That is a good sign, as you start your new job.
I think you might have some issues with your new job.
And the second reason concerns your new job.
You'll like your new job.
You don't talk about your new job.
I think you should tell us about your new job.
Congratulations on getting to keep your new job.
Assistance checks on you on a regular basis to make sure your new job matches your expectation.
Assisteo will contact you regularly to ensure that Your new temporary agency also corresponds to your wishes and requirements.
A structured orientation program guarantees that you're perfectly prepared for your new job.
A structured induction program guarantees that you will get on well the new job to get prepared.
Potential reading: You had exaggerated expectations concerning your new job.
Possible interpretation: You have exaggerated expectations so far made.
Congratulations on your new job, Mr. Harry.
So your new job is going to be amazing.
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