What are the top data visualization tools

IT for marketing

Many companies today have become avid data collectors. But their customers are also busy generating data: According to Sciencedaily.com, 90 percent of the data around the world has been created in the last two years - certainly a development that can be attributed to the success of social networks.

The flood of data is only useful if it is turned into useful information. For example in the form of trends, reports or studies from which strategic steps can be derived. Today this usually means more than just generating a few charts from numbers, mostly data should "tell a story", which is referred to with the buzzword "storytelling". An example of this are infographics. Everyone knows the upright diagrams from the web. With chic symbols and short text blocks, they make boring numbers or complex topics entertaining and understandable.

Good infographics are not only quick to grasp, they are then gladly passed on via social media. Whether public or only for internal use, infographics are definitely an attractive vehicle for preparing data. The following gallery shows a successful, but not so successful example:

  1. OECD Better Life Index
    The OECD Better Life Index visualizes the perceived quality of life in different countries based on eleven subject areas.
  2. Cholera Map
    The London doctor Dr. John Snow mapped the place of residence of people suffering from cholera as early as 1854 and sensibly dispensed with any topographical details in his representation.
  3. Wind Map 1
    With "Wind Map" many animated points create a dynamic pattern ...
  4. Wind Map 2
    ... through which a flow simulation is generated in a playful way.
  5. Global Forest Change
    The biggest problem inherent in "Global Forest Change" is the unfortunate choice of color - forest areas that have been gained are shown in blue on black and are barely recognizable. The losses that are shown in red are much more significant and distort the viewer's perception.
  6. Dencity
    "Dencity" illustrates the global population density: the smaller and denser the collection of circles, the more densely populated a certain part of the world is.
  7. Nike City Runs
    New York City for Runners: Which Sections of the Road Should Be More Recognized by Pedestrians and Joggers? Where are new pedestrian bridges or zebra crossings needed?
  8. A Saturday on Strava
    Who ran where and how much with the "Strava GPS Tracker" on July 20, 2013? This interactive map provides answers.
  9. 2013 Year in NikeFuel 1
    The "2013 Year in NikeFuel" project also gives users of the Nike fitness tracker the opportunity to find out exactly what the measured values ​​are.
  10. 2013 Year in NikeFuel 2
    For example, individual fitness plans can be precisely controlled.
  11. Dissecting a Trailer - Beasts of the Southern Wild
    Film trailers are intended to whet the audience's appetite for the next hit movie. Often, however, the films do not deliver what the trailers promise. The New York Times takes a closer look at current trailers. Among other things "Beasts of the Southern Wild" ...
  12. Dissecting a Trailer - Silver Linings Playbook
    ... and "Silver Lignings Playbook".
  13. The Refugee Project 1
    How have the refugee flows in the world developed in recent years? This is shown by the "Refugee Project".
  14. The Refugee Project 2
    On the one hand, the particularly affected regions can be made clear ...
  15. The Refugee Project 3
    ... on the other hand, we also take a particularly close look at individual states.