What do you believe in the most?

God, Allah, Buddha- And what do you believe in?

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It is best to sit down with your child in front of the book and go on a journey of discovery with them in the religions of the world. It is worth it .. And since God, Allah, Buddha is a pop-up book, the little ones can not only look at pictures and read texts, but also push, push or pull themselves.


Each religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhs) is represented by a child. Each of the children receives the religious symbol that belongs to them when they are opened.

The next double page shows the different items of clothing and headgear; then the individual places of worship are presented with their names. Folded again, the interiors of the houses of God (synagogue, church, mosque, Gurdwara, Vihara) jump out of the book with the typical cult objects, with each object being explained.

Finally, the little readers can visit their book friends, who all live on the same street, for an important religious ritual at home.

Review of the book

In this book, children are invited to get to know the major religions of the world: “Maybe you have friends who celebrate different festivals than you do, wear different things or pray differently.” Different design aspects make this book particularly interesting: especially the friendly ones drawn people of different origins, the popup elements on each page and the poster with information about festivals of Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and Sikh children. It's fun to get to the bottom of the various religious habits. On the very first page, on which many children of different beliefs are depicted, it becomes clear that every person can believe in one or more or none of the gods - just as it is true for everyone. And as different as their religions may be - all children can play together in a park. Even with the depiction of children with different clothing, which is also determined by the respective religion, it becomes clear: “Every person is special!” And it becomes clear: “Behind” the differences there is always a person. Out: KINDERWELTEN book box for 3 to 6 year olds from KINDERWELTEN and ista. The brochure can be found in our collection of materials.

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