Which sauce brands are vegan

Overview: These dark instant sauces are vegan

Dark sauce can also be prepared vegan - even from ready-made mixes. Image: pixabay.com

Dark sauce refines seitan, tofu and mushroom dishes. It goes well with Asian wok dishes, with dumplings and of course with vegan Christmas roasts.

Many of us remember the typical gravy that we used to make quickly from powder - even before switching to a vegan diet. This dark sauce with the typical "restaurant taste", where you don't want to look very carefully at the list of ingredients.

Unfortunately, instant sauces aren't always vegan. Meat is only sometimes found in ready-made sauces, but dairy products are often added, sometimes eggs and other animal products.

Do it yourself is certainly the best alternative for experienced cooks with enough time. And with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can find a variety of great recipes for vegan brown sauce online.

But hand on heart: Why not just take a shortcut in everyday life? And: if you take a ready-made mixture, the sauce will almost certainly succeed and taste quite familiar. So it is also perfect for critical, non-vegan guests who orientate themselves towards the usual.

Overview: Vegan ready mixes for dark sauce

We have created a small but nice overview with vegan ready mixes for dark sauce. Sometimes you have to stir them first, but some are already available in liquid form.

These vegan instant sauces are vegan (as of November 9, 2019):

  • Biovegan dark sauce (organic)
  • Harvest Blessing Dark Delicatessen Sauce (organic)
  • Maggi sauce for roast
  • Gefro Bio Dark Sauce and Hunter Sauce with Mushrooms
  • Natur Compagnie Dark Sauce (organic)
  • Natura dark sauce (organic)
  • Nicol Gärtner Dark Sauce (organic)
  • Pfiffikuss Organic Dark Sauce Mushroom
  • Seitenbacher brown sauce
  • Tahedl Dark Organic Sauce
  • Tellofix gourmet sauce for roasting organic, sauce for roasting and a few other varieties
  • Veganz basic dark sauce (organic)
  • Veggy Friends Vegan Dark Organic Sauce (organic)
  • Wela fine sauce for roast (as powder or liquid)

This information is as of November 9, 2019 and is not guaranteed. Please always check the list of ingredients and any vegan seals before buying.

Some of these vegan ready-made sauces are more "by chance" vegan and are not primarily aimed at health-conscious people. That's why you can also find flavor enhancers and colorings in the recipes there.

However, a ready-made sauce doesn't have to be unhealthy. Especially in the organic section you will also find purely plant-based sauce mixes, whose list of ingredients has nothing to complain about!

And of course nothing speaks against spicing up a dark ready-made sauce a little. Just be creative and take full advantage of instant sauces without letting them steal your creativity.

Do you know any other ready mixes for vegan dark sauce? Then please let us know! Just write a comment in the vegan forum!

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Author: editorial staff