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Jon Huber's wife, Amanda, with a message to all fans: "Please, I beg you to stop trying to create a divide in wrestling."

Posted by Claudia.

Jon Huber's wife Amanda directs the following post to fans in an Instagram story:

"So many people expect me and my family to hate @WWE. The fact is, we don't. We never have. My husband was absolutely frustrated because he wanted more than they'd imagined. That didn't mean he hated WWE, however, and the frustration didn't change the real and sincere love our family has for pro wrestling.

The WWE gave my husband a platform. It enabled him to live his dream. A dream he had almost given up. He could travel the world in his dream job. He could entertain millions of people. He was able to build a beautiful life for our family. He held singles gold there. He won a belt at WrestleMania! He just wanted to make a little more of his career. That's why he left. Not out of hatred and not because they are an evil company. He left because his vision did not match hers.

The most incredible thing he took away from his time at WWE was the people. The people he carried with him until his last days. It was not about the competition between two companies. Little Brodie loves wrestling. We still watch wrestling every week. We tune in to see "Uncle Boom-Boom" @WWECesaro and the family's best friend @WWEBigE - people who became family beyond friendship. The people in WWE saw my kids grow up, they loved my husband so much that they took my family in their arms. You became my family too. The flood of love I received from WWE is real and beautiful.

In my husband's final moments, the people who surrounded my family were wrestlers. Firms played no role. Please, I beg you, stop trying to create a divide in wrestling. Supports pro wrestling and loves pro wrestling. Live your life like Brodie did. In such a way that people talk to each other. "

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