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Google of the day: 8/2 (2 + 2) a viral math problem - Google solves it correctly


Google of the day: 8/2 (2 + 2) (?)
Something fun and maybe for some also very tricky for the weekend: The above math problem has been circulating on the web for a few days and has gone viral as a math problem. The reason is simply that there are - at least so the self-proclaimed experts believe - there are two possible solutions that each group extensively defends. That's why we just ask Professor Google and make it the “Google of the day” because the calculator integrated in the search engine fortunately solves this task correctly.

You can't really argue about math because it's based on simple rules (I know that's a matter of opinion) that are perfectly logical. Of course there are tasks with result sets in which several solutions can be correct - but only if variables are used. But the following short math problem actually makes many people desperate and leads to heated discussions.

It looks like a very easy task because it only contains four numbers that anyone should use to get a result quickly, even without a calculator. The problem is, of course, that you cannot calculate from left to right, but must follow the order specified in mathematics. And it is precisely this order that makes people desperate and ensures that there are three possible solutions, two of which of course did not follow the arithmetic method.

Solutions 1 and 16 are in circulation, although both are perhaps somehow understandable, because many no longer know the real basic order. It's fascinating how many different approaches there are to such a short and actually simple task.

Result 1
First the bracket is released so that we have exercise 8/2 (4). Then the bracket is released so that there is still 8/8, which is known to result in 1. The error here lies in the fact that the calculation was not carried out from left to right, i.e. FALSE.

Result 16
The bracket is first loosened so that exercise 8/2 (4) is there again. Now solve from left to right and the result 16 is already on the display. It is important that the multiplication sign is in front of the brackets, but this can be omitted. That is the only correct solution.

Fortunately, the calculator integrated in Google web search observes all the rules and shows the correct result, otherwise there would probably be even bigger discussions about the solution 16. All of the Android calculators I tested also show the correct result, but the good old (cheap ) Due to their syntax, school pocket calculators cannot solve anything else at all.

And to close the circle to Google once again: It gets very bitter with the Google Sheets spreadsheet: This simply exits when you enter the task and only displays an error. This is not because the algorithms cannot decide on a task, but because the app has a problem with the missing multiplication sign in front of the brackets. If you enter “8/2 * (2 + 2)” instead, you will also get the correct solution there. Thank God.

So, and now we are welcome to discuss whether there are any more “logical” solutions, at least I haven't found any more. Gladly also other such tasks in the comments 🙂

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