Why is WWE wrestling with garbage now

Update Munich - Mickie James, dismissed by WWE, gets her things sent in a garbage bag. The league draws consequences, now James speaks again.

Long-time WWE wrestler Mickie James has made public the scandalous circumstances that have accompanied her release last week - causing a bigger quake behind the scenes of the promotion.

The 41-year-old, six-time women's and diva champion at the show fight market leader, posted on Thursday the picture of a black garbage bag in which, according to her own statements, her personal belongings had been sent from the company.

"Hey Vince McMahon," wrote James, who also started a second career as a contry singer a few years ago, to the WWE boss: "I don't know if you are aware of it, but I got my care package from WWE today . Thank-you." On the sarcastic message, she attached the hashtags #AlwaysBlessedandGrateful (always blessed and grateful) and #WomensWrestlingMatters (women's wrestling counts), which are just as meaningful in this context.

Meanwhile, WWE board members Stephanie McMahon (Vince's daughter) and Paul Levesque (Triple H, Stephanie's husband) have confirmed the incident and drawn personal conclusions, which have only limited the discussion about the treatment of female stars. James himself has meanwhile also spoken up again - and explained her motivation in more detail.

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WWE draws conclusions: Several layoffs

"I am embarrassed that you or anyone else has been treated in this way. I apologize, personally and on behalf of WWE. The person responsible is no longer part of the company," McMahon wrote. Levesque specified that the person had been "fired".

McMahon and Levesque did not say who it was about, but it is now clear who it is about: Mark Carrano, the current "Senior Director" in the area of ​​"Talent Relations" had to vacate his post.

In general, there were some changes behind the scenes this week, including Nicole Zeoli, subordinate to Carrano, who, according to media reports, was released, relieving John Cone and Rudy Charles, known above all as referees, from their duties in this area. Meanwhile the reports Wrestling Observerthat only Carrano's dismissal is related to the incident.

Long-time talent director John Laurinaitis, who recently returned to a responsible position, is not affected. The brother of Road Warrior Animal, who died last year, has publicly apologized to James and has responded Observer According to several current performers to try to limit the damage.

Not only Mickie James got a garbage bag

What makes the matter uncomfortable despite the quick response from WWE: Other former female stars report similar experiences, including Maria Kanellis, who was laid off last year and Jillian Hall, who was released in 2010, said they got their things in a garbage bag.

Kanellis' reaction to WWE's personnel consequences: "Was the person fired from 2010 as well? This is not a single person's fault. It is a cultural problem of the company. And it comes from the top."

Gail Kim, who was active for WWE between 2002 and 2011, also stated in several tweets that she knew of such cases. It was common practice "even before I was there". She wrote about Carrano that he was "not a good person", but that the general problem was a bigger one.

The statements seem to relate primarily to Vince McMahon himself, who has been exposed to various kinds of allegations of sexism in the course of his long career as a manager.

Mickie James explains himself

In the meantime, James has reacted again and drew a differentiated conclusion: On the one hand, she feels "zero pride and joy" that someone has lost his job, she would have regarded Carrano as a "friend". Also, don't blame anyone at WWE on them. However, the "symbolic character of this thing" cannot be disputed.

"I am sorry that a thoughtless and insensitive act resulted in someone losing their job," she wrote: "But I am not sorry that I had the courage to make sure that something like this will not happen to anyone again . "

James was genuinely grateful for her WWE career, but she had always been told to do whatever she could to "leave the business behind better than you found it". She would have done that now.