What is nickel chloride used for?

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Hello, chemistry in school was unfortunately a while ago :( Can someone translate that into quantities? "The prepared nickel plating solution contains nickel (II) cations Ni2 + aq: NiCl2 aq 1M in HCl 0.1M." Available ingredients: HCl approx 30% distilled water NiCl2 How much do I need to make up 1 liter of solution? Thank you in advance ...

Do you really have yellowish anhydrous nickel chloride instead of green-blue hexyhydrate? Of this, fill up 130g to 1 liter with hydrochloric acid diluted to 0.3% (i.e. 990ml distilled water with 10ml HCl 30%). Of course, this does not result in a proper nickel electrolyte, because there are no brighteners and everything that gives a solid surface.

MaWin wrote:> You really have yellowish anhydrous nickel chloride instead of green-blue> hexyhydrate? Nope. I ordered that: ebay191201338766 NICKEL CHLORIDE HEXAHYDRATE - 250 G - PURTY 99.0% MaWin wrote:> Of course, this does not result in a proper nickel electrolyte, because it lacks> Brighteners and everything that results in a solid surface. Do you know a better way with available ingredients? Thanks.

hp friend wrote:> Nope. I thought, then 236g, it was even there :-) hp-Freund wrote:> Do you know a better option with available ingredients? Http: //www.chemie.de/lexikon/Nickelelektrolyte.htmlhttp: //de.wikipedia .org / wiki / Nickeling Get yourself a strip of nickel as a counter electrode Ebay article No. 181365703903 then there is always as much nickel hay in solution as is used.

Thank you MaWin, thank you very much for the information. Now I finally know what this sweetener should be good for ;-) But butenediol ???

Nickel chloride plus hydrochloric acid just doesn't work! Take: 240 g / L nickel sulfate 40 g / L nickel chloride 30 g / L boric acid results in a matt nickel coating (Watts Nickel) at 1-2A / dm when added to the solution of 0.6g / l 2-butyne-1,4- diol 1.5g / L saccarin 0.15g / L sodium lauryl sulphate mirror-like coating with few defects other solution: 240 g / L nickel sulphate 40 g / L potassium chloride 30 g / L boric acid 0.6g / l 2-butyne-1,4-diol 1.5g / L Saccarin 0.15g / L Sodium Lauryl Sulphate perfect light, mirror-smooth coating The problem, however, is that you will hardly ever come across sodium lauryl sulphate and 2-butyn-1,4-diol as well as boric acid. Everything classified as toxic. You could still make the boric acid yourself. And then take a pure nickel anode from where if not steal it?

Werner H. wrote:> The problem is that you will hardly ever get to sodium lauryl sulfate and> 2-butyne-1,4-diol and boric acid. Yes, but I don't want these problems. I got the original recipe above from a post that also deals with copper plating, gilding and brassing. So far I've only tried the copper electrolyte. Works great. So I'll give HCl and NiCl2 a try. Thank you anyway.

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