What is the best lifestyle

The top 10 reasons for a healthy lifestyle

Do you often resolve to live more healthily and then still not be able to implement this project 100%? There are always special and chaotic life situations that we sometimes automatically slip into and thanks to which we unfortunately have to discard our plans for a healthy lifestyle. A bad day at work can of course also be an endurance test. However, there are things in life that you can change in order to get back on the path of virtue. A healthy lifestyle is all in the head, so it's best to start today

With these ten simple decisions and healthy tips, you'll never have to look back on the tough days of the past ...

1. Never go shopping on an empty stomach: That is a golden rule of life! If you go to a supermarket hungry, you will come back with all sorts of foods that you would normally avoid. Prepare yourself a nutrition plan in advance and the shopping can be planned better (and you will spend less money!)

2. Choose whole wheat flour instead of white flour: Whether it is bread, pasta or rice: Whole grain products are the best decision for a balanced diet. These taste just as good (if not better) and are more conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Whilst whole wheat flour products contain a lot of antioxidants, white flour products lack fiber and other important nutrients.

3. Swap the elevator for a staircase: A very simple lifestyle decision that you have probably been confronted with in the past - so, let's go! If you allow your body this additional exercise of everyday life, there is a nice reward: Burning annoying calories - you will thank us later.

4. Take a slight incline! Is regular running training on the straights already on your daily schedule? Then intensify your workout and get on the treadmill. Set the gradient and start - afterwards you will feel how much more effectively your muscles are working. Or look for a path in nature that is uneven. Doing so will burn extra calories and improve the strength of your legs.

5. Running or cycling instead of getting in the car: Even if you can get from A to B comfortably and, above all, quickly - it is time to leave your beloved vehicle in the garage. Running or cycling not only saves you money on fuel, but you can also incorporate this extra exercise into your weekly fitness plan. The time outdoors in turn ensures the release of endorphins (which we can use on the morning of a weekday).

6. Meditation instead of eating out of boredom! Who does not know that? After a stressful day, you long for a large glass of red wine and a portion of ice cream. Don't give in to this temptation; instead, try to relax with a 5-minute meditation. Enjoy the sounds of peaceful music, dim the lights and clear your mind. You will feel like a new person afterwards.

7. Become the "King of the Culinary Arts" Of course, that doesn't mean that you have to conjure up a toque menu every evening, but cooking with fresh and healthy ingredients increases the quality of life immensely. Ready-made products or microwave food are often fortified with hidden sugars and contain a lot of calories.

8. Avocado instead of butter: As much as we love to spread delicious, melted butter on our thick slice of toast - it is not good for our diet. Instead, crush an avocado, mix it with lime juice and fresh chilli and add this delicious spread to your breakfast bread.

9. Opt for no-frills caffeine intake: Can't go out in the morning without fresh coffee or tea? Put a stop to your Starbucks addiction and choose plain black tea or coffee. This saves you not only on calorie intake but also on expenses. And a really good coffee can be enjoyed without any sugar or sweetener!

10. Say no to beer! Of course, just 100% abstinence from alcohol can have an immense effect on your health and lifestyle, even if it is sometimes not an easy decision to make. If this is a problem for you, then try small changes at the beginning and choose predominantly slimming alcoholic drinks such as: vodka - this is how you keep calories and sugar in check.