What if John Lennon were still alive

What happened if… ... John Lennon would have lived to see his 75th birthday?

In 1985, five years after the attack, John Lennon surprised his fans with a new album. Under the name "The Lennonos" he records strongly autobiographical songs with Yoko and their son Sean. After an old Beatles hit, the album is called "The Ballad of John, Yoko and Sean". The criticism is not convinced:

"A cheap attempt to exploit the glorious past," writes the New York Times.

"Sentimental retro cheese," says Rolling Stone. The album flops. Four years later, in 1989, Lennon appeared on "MTV Unplugged". Visibly battered, he plays old Beatles numbers and hit songs from the fifties.

Big reunion party

Again the criticism is appalled, but MTV drives new fans into the arms of the aging Beatle. Many are either very young or they come from the GDR - or both. In October 1990 John Lennon turns 50 and his new fans cheer him - at the Brandenburg Gate, at the big party for German reunification. To celebrate the day, John Lennon sings his biggest hit with new lyrics:

"Imagine no wall"

Later John makes a guest appearance with the Scorpions. He whistles the "Wind of Change" and a hundred thousand lighters light up the sky over Berlin.

The wind of change is blowing in America too. Mark Chapman, the assassin, converts to Buddhism and asks Lennon's forgiveness. John visits Mark in San Quentin Jail and asks his friend Bill Clinton for mercy on the purified one. 1996 Lennon, then 56, leaves Yoko Ono because of Miho Hatori, then 25. The Japanese plays in a band with Yuka Honda, the friend of Sean Lennon. A hit for the boulevard:

Reunion of the Beatles

On June 18, 2006, Paul's 64th birthday, the Beatles reunification will take place in Liverpool under the motto: Applebeats. Steve Jobs donated a billion dollars and combined his company's logo with the apple from Apple Records, the Beatles' short-lived record company. Tommy Lohr, from the Frankfurt Beatles Revival Band, steps in for the late George Harrison. In 2009 the band played with prominent guests at the Reeperbahn Festival in the Große Freiheit: Udo Lindenberg was playing two songs on the drums, Marius Müller-Westernhagen sang "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da", Helmut Schmidt met Lennon backstage for a cigarette.

On October 9, 2015, the Beatles will be guest at Lennon's 75th at Buckingham Palace. On this occasion, the Queen presents the birthday child with the British Empire Order for a second time. Lennon had given it back in 1969 in protest against British policy on Vietnam. The Beatles play "Yesterday", "Birthday" and "When I'm 75". With "She loves you" the Queen sings softly with: "Yeah Yeah Yeah!".