How can I learn to read people

Why highly sensitive people can read minds easily

Being able to read minds is not hocus-pocus, it is quite normal for highly sensitive people.

A person's body language reveals a lot more than is generally assumed. A significant percentage of what is going on in a person's brain can be recognized using gestures and facial expressions. Communication therefore does not only consist of the spoken word. The often more meaningful part is hidden behind certain postures and other non-verbal signals. The ability to interpret these correctly is inherent in the human species. But reading minds isn't really that. It's a conscious perception.

For thousands of years it has been part of our survival strategy to be able to read the mood of our counterpart in our faces. For sensitive people, learning to read mind is only an extension of an already existing, innate ability.

Findings from self and external observation

In order to understand the actual intentions of a conversation partner, you should reflect carefully on how you yourself behave in certain situations. Could you look your boss in the eye with a white lie like "I was stuck in a traffic jam"? Do you manage to put an honest smile on your face when you meet your rude neighbor? If you answered no to both questions, you will know exactly what tricks your body is using.

So use your know-how to read into the minds of others as if you were reading a book. A notorious and practiced liar will of course not allow himself to be easily fooled, but be sure: his body, in contrast to the mouth, can never "tell" the untruth.

However, mind reading is not about accusing your interlocutor of lying. Often he is just in the process of deceiving himself or trying not to wake up unpleasant experiences in his mind. If you want to look behind the facade, please do not conjure up an interrogation situation. Rather, it is desirable to look at the other person attentively and in their entirety. The action of the hands and legs, the muscle movements in the face and the wandering of the eyeballs create a perfect interplay.

Situations of absolute happiness or deep sadness make it impossible for us to allow conscious delusions. Everyone then behaves “real”, shows the proverbial “true face” and lets emotions run free.

Watch your partner cheer when their favorite soccer team wins away. Your mind gradually forms complex conclusions from such impressions. If you want to be able to read a person's mind, you have to look very attentively and carefully and get involved with him.

The basics of mind reading

Of course, everyone has their own body language. Patterns of behavior that are considered polite in the western world can also be interpreted as faux pas elsewhere. But some mechanisms work equally with all people. When a lie is deliberately pronounced, people blink more often than in situations in which they are telling the truth.

For example, consider the look on Bill Clinton's face when he talked about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. His eyelids drooped completely involuntarily and often excessively within a very short time. Even the submissive look at the floor suggests, "I cannot withstand your observation!"

Crossed legs and crossed arms mean a negative attitude, a frequent grip on the nose shows nervousness. All those external accompanying phenomena of the inner world of thought prove to the attentive observer that someone else is trying to fool. Such gestures do not tell what this person actually thinks. The interpretation depends on the situation and is also related to how well you know this person and how important the discrepancy discovered is for you personally.

The more time you have already spent with the respective interlocutor, the easier it is for you to infer the actual thought from the recognized lie. You will certainly be able to uncover the old wives' tale of a relative or long-term colleague without any problems. Therefore, try to find out as much as possible about other people as quickly as possible. Use what you learn to be able to assess complete strangers more quickly. You will soon find that you are becoming a true professional when it comes to mind reading, which will certainly make your highly sensitive gift easier for you.

Reading Minds: The Benefits of "Understanding People"

Everyone strives to get attention. If you give your attention to the people around you, they will open up to you. Those who show genuine interest in others learn a lot about their inner workings. This knowledge opens the door to the world of thought for you. Since many characteristics of body language are the same for all people, your fund of read thoughts increases immensely. With a little practice, getting to know new friends is no longer a problem. You will then automatically appear more confident in an interview or during an important business meeting.

Your personal knowledge that it is not so easy to fool yourself creates self-confidence and this is carried over to the other person. The ability to read minds, which is considered sensitive, makes you an equal, respected conversation partner in every situation. This does not only apply in the professional area.

Watch your loved ones at home closely. The 26 facial muscles of your partner or child always react in a similar way in comparable situations. Soon you will not only be able to tell by just looking if someone is hungry, for example. Anger at school, a new crush or an argument with classmates always gives the face a very specific expression. You actually read emotions and events from the eyes of your fellow human beings. And every still unknown facial expression leads to the fact that you expand your skills.

Another benefit of mind reading is that it helps prevent conflicts and misunderstandings. The boss's bad mood no longer unsettles you, from his posture you could conclude that a private problem has upset him. Anger, self-doubt or even existential fears cannot arise in the first place.

Strengthen understanding and intimacy by reading minds

For millions of years, people have tried to interpret each other's thoughts. While life depended on this gift in Stone Age situations, nowadays it mainly promotes the emotional bond between two people. Our quest to peer into the minds of others is an ancient and never-out-of-fashion need. It protects our own being and opens up new friendships and close partnerships for us.

How nice when you have people around you who also recognize your world of thoughts. Let it happen because it strengthens understanding and intimacy between you.