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Salons - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Quora Salon?
Salons are a new feature that allows you to curate collections and build communities with common interests and preferences. There are no limits to creativity and salons can be used in a wide variety of ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • A group of people can curate a collection of the most interesting Quora answers and external links on a particular area of ​​interest.
  • An individual can use salons to organize their own information from various areas of knowledge and thus create their own column.
  • An entire community can create a salon to exchange ideas on a specific topic.

How are salons different from blogs?
Salons are better for posting, and provide support for shared content, links, and short posts. We have learned a lot from our blogging experience and believe that knowledge sharing works best in groups, large or small. Therefore, we would like to optimally support this application. For example, in a salon it can be specified that comments can be made either by all users or only by their own contributors. We will continue to expand the range of functions over time.

How do I open a salon?
We are happy to announce that anyone can now create a salon in the English Quora. To do this, click on “Create Salon” on the Salons page.

What roles are there in salons and what are their powers?
Each salon initially has an owner who can use the "People" tab to send invitations for the following roles:

An owner has the following options:

  • Transfer ownership
  • Approve or reject submitted contributions
  • Change salon settings, including also deactivate the comment function
  • Hide content in salons
  • Invite others as administrators, moderators, contributors, or followers
  • Delete salon

Administrators can:

  • Approve or reject submitted contributions
  • Change salon settings, including also deactivate the comment function
  • Hide content in salons
  • Invite others to act as moderators, contributors, or followers
  • In addition, everything that a moderator can do

Moderators have the following options:

  • Approve or reject submitted contributions
  • Hide content in salons
  • Invite others as contributors or followers

Contributors have the following options:

  • Publish content directly in the salon

How can I customize my salon's URL? For salons that have reached a certain number of followers, a custom URL can be set up, initially based on the salon name. Owners and administrators can change these in the salon settings. How can I contribute to salons?
Anyone who is not already a contributor to the salon can apply. To do this, click on “Apply here” on the “People” tab. The application should include an explanation of why participation is sought. The owner of the salon and the administrators then review the application.
I am the owner / administrator / moderator of a salon, how can I process the requests for participation?
Owners, administrators, and moderators can view pending requests on the People tab and have the option to accept or reject them. If the application is accepted, the applicant automatically becomes a contributor. The action is also saved in the administrator log. Owners and administrators can deactivate the option to apply for participation at any time in the salon settings (under "Invitations and Inquiries").

How are administrators and moderators added to a salon?
Owners can send invitations to others for the roles of administrators and moderators to help them manage the salon. To send invitations for these roles in a salon, the “+ Invite” button is available on the “People” tab in the relevant section.

How can I find out who is the administrator of a salon?

  • Click the salon name.
  • Select the “People” tab located under the salon's name.
  • Administrators (as well as moderators, contributors, and followers) are listed on this page.

Why do I see salon content in my feed?
You will see the content of salons in your feed if:

  • You follow this salon
  • You follow the author of this content
  • someone you follow rated this content positively
  • the content is from a salon that you might like

If you don't want to see content from a particular salon in your feed, you can mute that salon. A salon can be muted on its main page or via the content in the feed.

How can I control the amount of notifications I receive from a salon?
Open the side of the salon and click the bell icon just below the salon name. You can then choose:

  • "All notifications", which means that you will receive a notification of all new articles in the salon.
  • "Highlights only", which means that you only receive notifications about posts with top ratings in the salon.
  • "Notifications off", which deactivates all notifications for this salon.

How can I share a post from a salon?
To make posts accessible to a wider audience, we recently introduced the option for users to share posts with their followers or any other salon they are involved in.

You can share a post by clicking on the “Share” or “Share again” buttons directly below the post.

Who can see posts and links I post in a salon?
Followers of a salon, but also all visitors to the salon can see posts and links that you have published there.

Who can see comments I make on posts or links in salons?
Everyone can see the comments.

Can I limit the type of content that is shared in salons?
Salon owners and administrators can define which content types are allowed in the salon on the salon's settings page. The options are listed under "Allowed content".

Can I limit the number of people who can see the salon?
Salons are public and can be seen by anyone.

Can someone I've blocked see and comment on a salon I'm active in?
By blocking you can prevent anyone from seeing your posts in a salon. However, these people can normally participate in the salon. If you are the administrator of this salon, you can block the person from the salon regardless of whether you have blocked the person's profile.

Can I cancel an invitation to participate as a contributor or follower in the salon?
You cannot currently cancel invitations. You have to wait for the user to accept the invitation. You can then remove the user in the salon settings under "People" by clicking on "..." next to the relevant user and then selecting "Block". Blocking removes the user as a contributor from the salon so that they cannot join the salon and post no contributions and comments there. However, a blocked user can still follow a salon and view its content.

What happens if I block a user from my salon?
By blocking a user for your salon, they can no longer join the salon and add no posts or comments there. However, he can still follow the salon and view the contents. The action can be undone.

Can someone who is not a contributor post in the salon?
We have made it possible for outsiders to publish or share content in the salon, but this must first be approved; If a submitted contribution is accepted, it will appear immediately in the salon.

Followers or users who are not connected to the salon: You can now post in all salons that support submission. You will be notified when the contribution has been accepted.
Owners / administrators / moderators of salons: You will be notified of entries submitted for your salon and can accept or reject them on the "Entries" tab. You can also deactivate the option to submit contributions.

Can I ask questions in a salon?
Each salon can create its own ever-growing collection of questions and answers. Parents can e.g. B. document and share their children's first attempts at walking. You can be sure that you will receive answers from parents who are directed to other parents.

Please note that questions asked in a salon can only be answered by the participants in the salon.

Can I set up a reference for a salon?
You can set up a reference for each salon you follow. This reference is shown by default for every post that you publish there.

How to set up a reference for a salon:

  • Go to "References & Qualifications" on your profile page and select "Edit References".
  • Click on "Add Reference" and select "Salon" from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to "Select a Salon" and enter the name of the salon you want to add references for.
  • Once a salon has been selected, enter your references next to "Your experience".

Here are a few tips for good references:

  • In a nutshell
  • Helpful and meant seriously
  • Are grammatically correct

Where can I find statistics and data about my salon?
Salon owners, administrators, and moderators see the Statistics tab for their salon, which includes:

  • Overview of the activity of the salon
  • Content views over time
  • Most active users in the salon
  • Most popular content in the salons

In addition, the People tab allows all visitors to see who has added content in the last week.

Will spam posts be filtered out in my salon?
We have improved the spam filter for posts and added the ability to view the filtered content. You can switch between showing the filtered (standard view), all posts and those suspected of being spam.
The spam filter is still at an early stage and will be further improved. We hope that he will help you manage the contributions.

How can I transfer ownership of my salon?
You can transfer ownership to another administrator by clicking on the "..." symbol and sending the administrator an invitation to take over ownership.

What can I do if an owner can no longer take care of the salon?
The salon owner can transfer ownership to another administrator. When the owner leaves Quora, ownership is automatically transferred to the administrator with the longest membership in the salon.