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Publish a book in 2021 - 10 steps to success

Phase 2: Publish the book

Now it's getting exciting! You have finished your book, you have set yourself clear goals (for example, to become familiar with the book, share your knowledge or realize your dream of your own book) and want to get started! We explain to you what you have to do with book publication in a publisher versus self-publishing so that you can publish your book in the best possible way and in an uncomplicated manner.

Process of book publication in the publisher

If you apply to a traditional book publisher, it can take many months before you receive an answer. If this turns out to be positive for you, you will receive a medium-term author's contract. This regulates which rights are connected with the publication of the book, how much you will receive as author's fee and which obligations you enter into. In a conversation with the book publisher, clarify thoroughly all open questions about how they publish your book. Above all, this includes questions about the contract before you sign it. If you're asked to pay high four- to five-digit sums of money in advance, your alarm bells should be ringing. You may then have to deal with a printing subsidy publisher. Haven't you heard the term? In this article we explain what is behind a printing subsidy publisher.

A long process

After it has taken you a long time to find a publisher, you should be aware that the process of getting a book published by a publisher can be very tedious. Not infrequently, even after positive feedback from a publisher, it takes another one to two years before your book is actually published. This is mainly due to the fact that book publishers traditionally work with half-yearly programs. H. launch a new publishing program once in spring and once in autumn.

When you're ready, an editor will first set out to read your book thoroughly and revise it. You must expect that entire passages will be deleted or rewritten or that you will have to revise many passages of the book yourself. So your book will possibly be changed very much without you being able to prevent it.

After the text has been revised, it is passed on to the production and typesetting department, where the text is professionally typeset with everything that goes with it: page numbers, paragraphs, headings, etc. You may then be asked to make further cuts or changes At the same time, a proofreader will meticulously check the spelling and grammar of your text.

At the same time, the editor, marketing department and illustrators deal with the selection of a book title, a cover or the complete design of the book cover. Your book is then ready to go to print and published. All of this sounds attractive, but as described it takes a long time and you have to be prepared not to want to stick to its exact content. If that's not what you want, self-publishing is probably more suitable for you.

Process of book publication with a self-publishing service provider

If you publish your book through a self-publishing service provider, the process is a little different. The good news is: In self-publishing, book publication is usually much faster than in a traditional publishing house. You don't have to submit an exposé, apply, or wait months for an answer. However, that does not mean that self-publishing is a sure-fire success or that you should not pay just as much attention to the high level of professionalism of your book.

The price for a book publication varies between individual service providers. But don't let yourself be dazzled by a supposedly free or inexpensive publication. Rather, check which services you need and which are included in the publication price. Otherwise you end up paying for it. To make your decision easier, we have compared the services and prices of individual self-publishing service providers and Amazon KDP for you.

Easy book creation without waiting

Self-publishing service providers usually offer authors the option of submitting their book directly online. In the case of tredition, you simply start our uncomplicated book creation process, in the course of which you can enter the key data for your book, set the sales price, upload your finished book inside and cover or use the professional tools for designing the inside and cover. As you can see, the process of publishing is completely different from that of a traditional book publisher. You have full freedom of choice about many more details, such as the design of the cover, the structure of the content, the blurb or the sales price. However, that does not mean that you will not receive any help if you want it.

At tredition you can, among other things, book editing or proofreading, have your cover designed by a graphic artist or commission a test print. We would be happy to discuss with you in person which services are right for you and what you need to consider in detail. At tredition, as a book author, you have a personal project partner who looks after you individually as part of your publication.

Publication with quality check

When you've gone through the simple book creation process at tredition, submit your book for publication. Within only 24 hours you will then receive a message from tredition whether there is still a need for corrections. If so, this is not a reason that your book will not be published; rather, we will support you in getting your book ready for publication so that it comes onto the market professionally and without errors. Should there be a need for correction in your book, these are often small but important details regarding the book set or book cover (meaningful blurb, typing errors on the cover, missing or incorrectly set page numbers, etc.) that you can correct at your leisure. If you need help with this, we will be happy to support you. Your book can then be published. Tredition takes over this process completely.

Print to order

Your book will be available in the book market within a few days, as tredition works with all the major book wholesalers in the DACH region. In concrete terms, this means that readers can order your book in a small bookstore as well as from chain stores and from all major bookshops on the Internet. In contrast to traditional book publishers, self-publishing service providers such as tredition work according to the print-on-demand principle. That means: As soon as a customer orders your book in the bookstore or online, it is printed and delivered to the bookstore or the customer. This guarantees that as a book author you do not have to pay in advance for a print run that may not end up being sold.

Costs to publish a book

The cost of publishing a book varies. It depends on the way in which you publish a book. Serious self-publishing service providers charge between a few euros up to approx. 250 euros. The services included are different and each author has to decide which service components are important for the book project. However, it must be taken into account that authors have to bear the costs for editing, proofreading and cover design themselves. If published by the publisher, the publisher bears these costs.

According to popular opinion, there are no costs for a publisher. Authors even receive an advance payment that the publisher “presents”. There are opinions that demonize all journalistic services in which authors should share in the costs of book publication. This opinion is too divided into black and white. Scientific or art publishers publish books that only have a small readership. Without the involvement of an author or sponsor, these projects cannot be implemented cost-effectively. The term "Druckkostenzuschussverlag" should be used reflected in relation to the environment of the publisher. So if you as an author do not receive an advance payment, it is advisable to check whether the offer is suitable. A few thousand euros are not dubious for the publication of a scientific paper. Definitely for the publication of a volume of poetry!

Author fees are difficult to compare. Read our comprehensive guide to author royalties.

Your rights and obligations as a book author

If you write and publish a book, you are a book author. Congratulations! You can be proud of that. From a purely tax point of view, you are thus freelance and must also claim your income from book sales for tax purposes. You can read about what you need to consider in detail in our article "Tax knowledge for authors: What you need to consider as a freelancer". As an author, you are automatically the author of your book and this is associated with corresponding rights, which we would also be happy to inform you about in our article “Copyright for authors”.